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In less than 3 minutes, source emerging talent for your business

Simple job posting

Choose from flexible options including casual, part-time and full time jobs, internships and projects.

The skills you need

Our data algorithm provides you with the best candidates from thousands of students and grads with in-demand skills.

Own your recruitment

Find someone you like? Connect directly with them. We get out of the way and let you engage, shortlist and hire.

How it works

1: Post a job ad

Skip tedious company profile and get straight to posting a job. Select the right skills and describe the work to be done.

2: Invite students

Once your job is posted, it’s easy to get ahead of the game by inviting students that are recommended based on your criteria.

3: Set up interviews

Find someone you like? Connect directly with the candidate. We get out the way and let you continue discussions and hire the right candidate.

"Having access to students from multiple universities on the one platform was a huge plus as it saved us from having to approach each university individually"
Bosco Tan
Founder & COO at Pocketbook
"We're always on the prowl for top talent. Ribit just makes that whole process more efficient"

Mathew McGann
Managing Director at Health Horizon
"Aagam progressed from an intern to a full-time employee, with his web development and data analytics skills expanding our service offering to clients"
Olivia Porter
Senior Communication Strategist
at contentgroup