What is Ribit?

Ribit is an online platform that connects students with digital, STEM, research and business skills to innovative companies and startups that need these skills. In Australia, there are more than 1 million tertiary students that potentially have these skills. At Ribit, we’ve set out to make this early career pool more visible and accessible through an intuitive digital solution underpinned by a data algorithm.

For students

Help transform learning and knowledge into real world impact through relevant industry experience.

For businesses

Empowering start-ups, growing businesses and innovative companies to tap into ‘next gen’ talent.

What we are doing

Building a vibrant community of students and businesses

Through our digital platform and face-to-face activities, students can connect to businesses simply, easily and quickly.


Helping students find relevant paid work

Students can find roles compatible with their study and career interests: part-time and entry-level graduate roles, internships and projects.

Helping businesses connect to new talent

Helping start-ups, growing businesses and innovative companies to tap into talent who are equipped with the latest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), business, design and marketing skills and knowledge.

Creating face-to-face opportunities to connect

Beyond the digital platform Ribit is creating opportunities for students and business to connect in real life. Ribit regularly organises events and connection opportunities for the community to meet face-to-face.

We’re in this together

Ribit works closely with partners in state and local government agencies, universities, growth centres, startup and accelerator hubs, student societies and business associations across NSW, ACT, Queensland and Victoria.

Led by Director and Founder Liz Jakubowski, Ribit operates out of  Data61, which is the CSIRO’s data innovation group.

Ribit operates out of  Sydney’s Australian Technology Park and also Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane.