Mindhive Case Study

Mindhive is the world’s first crowdsourced consultancy platform. Founder Bruce Muirhead and his team used Ribit to find the right young talent to grow their business.

Diversity of thought is vital for success in today’s disruptive landscape and integral to the Mindhive value proposition. So naturally, the choice to hire students through Ribit was an easy one! With over 25,000 users on the platform, the diversity of skills, experience, age and culture made Ribit a perfect fit for the Mindhive team.

Mindhive made one job post on Ribit. Just 48 hours later, the first interviews were already yielding an impressive calibre of candidates. Mindhive’s Ribit post attracted a wide range of expertise, from a second-year undergraduate to a Masters student on the threshold of graduation.

Ultimately, the Mindhive team settled on not one, but three outstanding candidates that they just couldn’t turn down. What started as a search for a support role titled ‘Mindhive Operations’ led to the creation of a Media/PR Coordinator, Sales Coordinator and a Community-Building Coordinator.

All three of Mindhive’s new recruits have brought valuable expertise and fresh energy to the office. By using Ribit, Mindhive has helped ensure their team has the right mix of skills to help their business flourish.

We’ve used other job boards in the past and they’ve received some good traction. But the quality of the average candidate on Ribit was so much higher and much more relevant than other services we’ve used in the past.

– Kaerlin McCormick

It was exciting to be invited to apply for an internship at Mindhive through Ribit. I’m very happy in my new position at Mindhive which has allowed me to extend myself, share my ideas and apply my skills.

– Risa Utama, Media/Public Relations

I was so happy to find a job through Ribit that was a perfect fit for me. My internship at Mindhive has given me the industry experience that I so badly needed. I’m still unsure what career I’m looking for, but this job has given me a good head start.

– Jamil Ebrahim-Ahomed, Community Building

Ribit is easy to use and has given me opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access. My Mindhive internship has given me experience in a startup environment and given me a better insight into where I want to go career-wise.

– Jacob Hampson, Sales