Developing your profile on ribit – tell us why you’re awesome

This is your chance to strut (well, in a text-based kind of way). Companies usually review several profiles so you need to rapidly convey why you are their next great find.

A few pointers and examples to get you started:

  • Keep the response simple (ideally between 100-250 words) and focus on including outcomes when possible.
  • Demonstrate your interest in your relevant industry (or industries) and show how you’ve participated in activities beyond your standard university coursework, for instance:
    • writing blogs, articles or social media accounts (include links);
    • participation in competitions (i.e. anything from business case proposals, photography competitions to entrepreneurship events etc);
    • Meetup Groups and;
    • membership of professional university clubs.

Haven’t previously completed an internship?

  • Don’t dismiss any casual or part time work as irrelevant. Highlight the evergreen, transferable skills i.e. customer service, work ethic, insight into how businesses work etc.
  • Discuss a project (such as a uni assignment) and demonstrate practical understanding through offering insight into any developments or issues (i.e. customer behaviour, disruptive innovation, new legislation or economic influences).
  • Provide a broad overview of the kind of work or companies that interest you and help potential employers get a better idea of how you could fit into their team.

Read your profile. Then read it through again. Then get someone else to read it. A fresh set of eyes can rapidly identify typos and even suggest a better angle.

Example One – Marketing Student

Tell us how awesome you are:

Happy to explain how awesome I am!

I’ve just completed my second year of a Business degree (double major in Marketing and Public Relations) at University of Earth, which has given me a solid grounding in marketing strategy and content development.

Outside of study, I’m part of a local climbing group. As well as honing my bouldering footwork, I’ve created a new website for the club via WordPress, written blog articles, designed flyers for a fundraising event and regularly update the Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can check out my work at: http://hardrockclimbers.

For two years, I’ve also worked in a retail role, which has given me a practical insight into the challenges of running a small business, as well as customer service and product presentation experience.

Looking forward, I’m keen to take on marketing roles. Happy to work on a range of tasks including content writing, collateral development, coordinating events and social media, market research and anything else you can throw at me.

Example Two – Engineering/Science/ICT Student

Tell us how awesome you are:


I’m in my third year of my Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Science. This course has given me a strong understanding of computer systems and the foundations of the Internet.

I love deploying technology solutions wherever I see an opportunity. Recently, I joined the National Emergency Response Team and helped my group leader to implement an online system to track every member’s training competencies. Automating this task (which was previously completed manually) has meant that we can spend more time helping people during a crisis and less time managing an excel spreadsheet.

During my spare time I am involved in my university’s Comp-Sci Club, where I help run BBQs and LANs to build a community of CS students. Through this club, I participated in a Health Hackathon over summer. We competed against 12 other teams to try and predict the likelihood of an aged person having a major accident in their home, using accelerometer data from their mobile phone. This solution earned us third place.

I believe that we have only begun to scratch the surface of what technology can do to help people. I am passionate about building technology for the medical sector and believe that solutions should be deployed over the web when possible. I’m interested in companies that can help me to improve my web development skills and build my understanding of how technology can be applied to the medical industry.

Very keen to solve your problems!