Meet the Team: Peta

Exams are out, holidays are in! What better way to celebrate than by introducing our very own Queen of Design, Entrepreneur in Residence, and hands down winner of ‘Best Dressed Ribitter’, Peta! If you’re in a co-working space, chances are that you’re well acquainted with our Business Relations Lead already, if you’re not then it’s only a matter of time…

Fun fact: Peta is the legal guardian and adoptive mother of our amphibious mascot, Riberta!

What was your first job?

Fashion Designer for Carla Zampatti.

Your current job?

Business Relations Lead at Ribit.

Does tomato sauce belong in the fridge? Yes or no

Depends if the bottle has been opened.

Where and what did/do you study?

Fashion and Textile Design @ Whitehouse Institute of Design. Masters in Fashion as Art @ Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy (on scholarship). Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting and Finance @ UTS. MBA in Entrepreneurship @ UTS. UX Design @ General Assembly. Learning is lifelong!

Years/Months/Days/Second since last coffee?

Drinking one now 🙂

Snapchat dog filter, thoughts?

Snapchat dog filter? Absolutely!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Leading a trans-disciplinary team, creating and commercialising experimental projects via platforms we haven’t yet imagined.

Is their anything that you should/should never wear to a job interview?

There are no rules! Wear whatever brings the best out of you 🙂