Time flies when you’re having fun! Uni is definitely fun right? Don’t let semester fly by without getting your foot in the door! We’ve handpicked the best jobs from the past fortnight to give your career the best start!

Marketing Student

Sydney, NSW

Strawman is an online investment club that crowd sources research & recommendations on ASX-listed companies… The site is in beta with over 700 registered users. The team are looking for someone who can drive organic traffic and maximise conversions.

UX & UI Designer

Sydney, NSW - Remote Available

The Strawman team are also looking for someone with a creative flair to optimise for mobile screens and review and enhance menu structures/page layouts.

Mindhive Operations

Brisbane, QLD

Mindhive allows you to fight the obvious with collective mind power. Continually solve complex problems faster, cheaper and smarter. As a Mindhive Community Builder this role is responsible for supporting the delivery of the MindHive Community Strategy.

Blockchain Software Developer

Petersham, NSW

TAFE NSW are looking for a blockchain software developer who has experience with blockchain tools like hyperlink, solidity for smart contacts etc. Also experience as a developer using React native and other framework. They’re offering a competitive hourly rate for your work.

Chief of Staff

Sydney, NSW

Interesting Things is a new startup providing healthcare products to men & women using telemedicine. This startup is part of a planned portfolio of ventures & investments under the brand name, Interesting Things.

Marketing Champion

Sydney, NSW

Ardal is a start up tackling housing affordability in NSW. As a freshly launched start up looking for a marketing superstar to establish our initial customer base and direct our future growth. The team are looking for someone with a lot of drive and passion to round out the capability of the Ardal family. 

NLP Graduate

Sydney, NSW

Nod is an artificial intelligence platform that writes advice documents for experts. They do this by learning content from a company’s historical advice documents. They use a proprietary artificial intelligence and nlp technology to produce documents in a company’s own language and style.

Customer Interviewer

Surry Hills, NSW

Morris Hargreaves McIntyre is the largest cultural strategy and research agency in the UK. Based in Manchester, and with offices in New Zealand and Australia. The Sydney team are looking for interviewers to join our dedicated fieldwork team to conduct visitor surveys at various museums based in the Sydney CBD.

Digital, Social & Events Coordinator

Sydney, NSW

Privasec is your Leading Governance and Cyber Security Partner. The governance and cyber risk landscape is rapidly changing, fuelled by significant growth and sophisticated global cyber-attacks. This is a fantastic platform and exposure to work directly with the Head of Marketing running nation-wide events.