Dispatch from the Match: Tristan and Inferentics Technology

“The most important lever for success is the ability to constantly learn new skills, and with students they get to learn on the job,” Michael Zhou, Founder, Inferentics (credit risk modelling startup).

It’s extraordinary and humbling that we at Ribit are in a position to meet student’s everyday like Tristan. Students that are redefining the possibilities of what was traditionally thought possible for a student/graduate in today’s digital landscape. Tristan is undergoing his 4th year of a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics)/Bachelor of Advanced Science (Physics/Computer Science) at The University of Sydney.

We caught up with Tristan and his employer Michael Zhou of Inferentics Technology, a B2B Fintech start-up based in Sydney’s Stone & Chalk startup hub.

Inferentics specialises in credit scoring using alternative data and aims to provide credit ratings to customers in the thin file consumer market. Targeting over 6 million young Australians and recent migrants who may be considering applying for a loan, but are at a significant disadvantage because of the credit bureaus’ difficulty in profiling such individuals.

“Startups work in a fast-paced, agile environment and hiring a student was the obvious choice. After one week since posting, we were interviewing and within two-weeks we had Tristan commence straight away.”

Often we find high growth companies like Inferentics offer students a broad spectrum of work across multiple disciplines that otherwise wouldn’t be experienced until much later in their careers. This experience gives tremendous insights into the work that’s available in today’s competitive and disruptive landscape and empowers students to the next steps

“I think this experience has definitely broadened my horizons regarding the scope of work and jobs out there that I didn’t realise existed…”

After hearing about Ribit through friends, Tristan jumped on and registered and in no time interest from employers came rolling in. The rest as they say, is history…

“I immediately loved the diverse range of jobs since they catered to far more interesting and cutting-edge work than your typical uni job board”

 “The job descriptions didn’t put you off immediately with a long list of extensive pre-requisites and demands for years and years of experience in the field as is often common these days.”

Since starting with Inferentics Technology Tristan has seen exposure to various disciplines from data sciences and analytics to client services. It’s safe to say Tristan is in good hands with Michael and the team over at Inferentics.