Startups / Scaleups & Co-Working Spaces

The office is not for everyone. That’s why at Ribit, we like to hop to other ponds, because sometimes the grass is greener… or the lily pads in this case if this metaphor is to hold strong. Check out some of our latest opportunities at startups and scaleups operating out of co-working spaces nationally.

Fishburners / Sydney Startup Hub – Home Care Heroes

Home Care Heroes is a social enterprise tackling social isolation and giving opportunities to people in the community to be companions, mentors, big brothers and big sisters.

Role: Marketing & Operations

Stone & Chalk / Sydney Startup Hub – Data Republic

Data Republic believes when data can flow securely between individuals, organisations and governments, wiser decisions can be made and better outcomes delivered for all.

Role: Data Scientist

Stone & Chalk / Sydney Startup Hub – Pocketbook

Pocketbook is an Australian service that makes managing your spending ridiculously simple.

Role: Marketing & Social Media

Hub Australia / Sydney – Knowledge Lab

Knowledge Lab was created out of a need to aid improvement of organisations and professionals.

Role: Management Trainee 

River City Labs / Queensland – Noisenet

NoiseNet analyses the noise impact on residential properties.

Role: Statistician/Data Scientist

QUT Foundry / Queensland – QUT Foundry 

The QUT foundry is a space for the QUT community to work on their start-ups. The foundry is a live environment equipped to support your start-up venture.

Role: Digital Marketing Specialist